Canyonlands Maze – Spring 2019



April 1-5.

Our 2019 Spring Tour to the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park will include visits to scenic but rarely visited locations in this remote photography paradise. Night photography opportunities are also excellent.

The Maze District is extremely remote with no developed roads. Access is via trails and 4WD roads, and thus visiting the Maze takes more time and endurance. This tour involves primitive camping and hiking. The level of physical activity is strenuous, and participation involves considerably more risk than standard tours. 

This is NOT a luxury tour. There are no bathrooms, showers, or indoor accommodations. Please make sure you are aware of ALL details for this tour.

This tour involves difficult hikes with modest elevation changes. Trails in and out of canyons can be steep and difficult. No local help is available so participants must ensure their own safety and are responsible for self-rescue. Park regulations require use of portable toilets and waste collection. Participants should meet outside the Hans Flat Ranger Station the afternoon prior to the tour. Arrangements can be made to pick up participants in Green River, UT earlier that day, if needed.


 This tour is limited to 2-6 participants depending on vehicle availability and includes transportation within the Maze District. Camp meals will be provided. Participants may bring their own camping gear (space is limited) or rent appropriate gear through this site. 

Tour price is $1995 when booked in advance of the tour date. Please limit space to two backpacks, one for camping gear and one for photography gear. Camping gear may be rented if needed (i.e., tent, sleeping bag and pad, backpack). Click at right to purchase or make a deposit.


Maze Spring 2019

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Canyonlands Maze District Photography Tour Booking