Greg NorrellGreg Norrell organizes and leads the tours offered through this site. He is an experienced nature photographer having lived and worked in the Intermountain West for over 25 years. His intimate familiarity with some of the best nature scenery the west has to offer makes him a great resource for photographers of all experience levels wanting to get the most from a nature photography tour. Greg’s experience as a teacher at the college and graduate school level makes him an ideal choice for a well rounded, educational photography excursion.

A principal goal of our tours is to go beyond the traditional scenic locations easily identified on national park maps. While we will visit the standard, iconic locations, we will also venture off the beaten path to lesser known spots not so easily identified. Some of these less visited spots may be on hiking trails, 4WD roads, or occasionally in deep backcountry areas where overnight trips are required.

Trip sizes are generally limited to 3-6 participants to ensure adequate attention is available for all participants. Every trip will have clearly outlined physical requirements to ensure all participants understand the potential challenges ahead. Some trips will only require the most modest of hiking ability. Some trips may require the ability to hike many miles through difficult terrain with significant elevation changes.  Please choose an excursion suitable to your abilities and interests.